Increase Security

Data stored in the public cloud has a minuscule chance of falling into the hands of the wrong people.

Global Availability

It's owning a data center that very fast and inexpensive way to store data in any country on the planet.

High Scalability

public cloud can be instantly scaled to fit the task at hand and expanded as the business grows.

Take Care of Maintenance

Cloud on rent take care of maintenance of a company infrastructure to operate, redundant components, cooling systems, etc.

Save Money

You save money because you doesn’t need to be purchase Equipment and storage space, You only pay for what you use.

High Stability

A business can double the stability by spreading out the deployment of its systems across two availability zones

Short-Term  Investment

Business can utilize a scalable and effective computing platform without entering into long-term investments.

Server Redundancy

 Public clouds support multiple tenants,Therefore, your applications can automatically switch to another cloud server if one goes down.