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TG-API Testing will let you test Rest API, GraphQL endpoint, real-time platforms such as WebSocket, SSE, Socket.IO & MQTT. In addition to API Testing it will provide you feature shown below which will further help you with API Testing:

  • History: This shows the recent API requests you’ve made, allowing you to start back right where you left it.
  • Collections: This allows you to organize your API requests with collections and folders.
  • Environments: Store variables and reuse values in your requests and scripts to set environment select from the drop-down list of available environments.

Manually checking requests/responses is simple & similar to the postman. You can try the following steps to manually test API request/response:

  1. Select type of request from the list:
    1. GET
    2. POST
    3. PUT
    4. PATCH
    5. DELETE
    6. HEAD
  2. Enter API URL
  3. Click Send (Note: The request can also be saved in different collections for recall in the future)
  4. In the response section you’ll be able to observe the following:
    1. Response Body
    2. Status
    3. Time
    4. Size
    5. Headers


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