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Lets You Focus On Customers It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the final aim in software development is great stuff. Because the software looks too good at the end, we may assume that it will be a hit. But fails. The move to DevOps is essential because it puts the team back in the customer's shoes and helps to build viral software.
Made For Business Growth You need to test faster and with greater precision than your competitors to stay competitive in today's market. TestOS DevOps makes this possible by assisting your teams in focusing more on the customer experience by introducing automation (which reduces errors and frees up developer time) and establishing a feedback loop that benefits the entire company.
Unite Teams And Get Testing Done Faster TestOS DevOps allows other teams, such as operations, to benefit from working in an agile or iterative setting. It brings these teams together and speeds up the delivery of software. For example, you can accomplish the job twice as fast with TestOS while maintaining the high quality of your work that gives you the competitive edge.
Sets Everyone In The Perfect Sync Although DevOps is most commonly associated with development and operations, it can and should be used for other elements of your organisation. There's a lot more to it than DevOps. Specifications must be established, and client expectations must be set. After it's built and delivered, validation and providing feedback to developers are all critical.
Back To Back Release & Deployment TestOS lets the Dev and Ops teams develop and integrate code instantly using an automated CI/CD pipeline. Furthermore, when embedded and automated QA, it looks after the code's quality. As a result, DevOps deliver high-quality software consistently and encourages more efficiency, higher quality, and more frequent and continuous releases.
Innovative Problem-Solving Environment TestOS DevOps environment encourages all the team members to reflect their knowledge. The code is continuously monitored and constantly tested, which helps enhance the software's overall quality. Your team will get the freedom, the teams are more rested, and there is much room to put their 'new and innovative' problem-solving inputs.

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Access Test Cases & Test Case Versions
Access to Browsers & Mobile Devices
API Integration with CI-CD Tools
Highly Customizable Email Reports
Ready to Use Build Gate Definitions
Ready to Use Build Pramotion Options
Rich Insights for UI, Device and API performance
In-Sprint automation support with integrations
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TestOS helped us accelerate our remote first approach and helped our teams work from anywhere globally. Thank you, TestGrid. You've helped us accelerate our development efforts by 2x, easy.

Arijit M, Gas & Electric Read the Success Story

This is codeless done right. Truly an unfair advantage for our dev team - cuts the testing cycle by a huge amount. No trade-offs on customization, achieves 100% coverage on mobile and web.

Chris T, Clothing giant. Read the Success Story
Believe it or not, TestOS can make it significantly easier for your DevOps team to collaborate and push code to production environments in a repeatable and automated manner. Furthermore, you and your team will be able to scale up testing with parallel tests to shorten release cycles. Too Good To Be True, Right? Why Don’t You

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Available for Mobile and Web Testing
Can be Hosted On Premise or Cloud
Reuse Test Case as Test Function