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Scale Your Test Cases Super Easily Your QA team can effortlessly scale test cases based on product demand from one development cycle to the next because IoT automation testing streamlines the test creation process. For example, QA engineers can even use IoT automation testing technologies to run test cases overnight, giving them extra time during the day to review and report test results.
Improve Your Tests Coverage With TestOS, you can simply run more test processes, and IoT automation testing solutions can support a range of app versions, mobile devices, and operating systems. Because IoT automation testing can complete test cases more quickly, problems can be found sooner in the project life cycle.
Effectively Reduce The Hardware Resources IoT Testing with TestOS will enable your team to properly imitate the behaviour of an actual component, removing time and access limits for dependent services and components. Furthermore, doing functional and performance testing simultaneously eliminates the need for any additional hardware.
Experiment with a Variety of Connectivity Scenarios IoT testing entails a thorough examination of how an IoT device responds to various connectivity circumstances, many of which are time-consuming or difficult to complete manually. For example, running automated test cases through your IoT Testing tools and IoT test automation framework can handle all types of conceivable scenarios, assuring accurate findings before market launch.
Better Experience = Higher ROI With IoT automation testing, you can find bugs almost on-demand and fix them ASAP. So, the consumers will have a smoother experience, while businesses will have a higher return on investment (ROI), with fewer difficulties launched into production.

No-Brainer Features of TestOS IoT Testing

Wearable/Fitness tracker Automation
Smart Home Sensor Kit Automation
Payment device Automation
Touch Screen Automation
Smart Meter Automation
And Much More…
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Improve Test Efficiency
TestOS allows for comprehensive traceability and helps match testing with your business needs.
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TestOS aids visibility at every level of the SDLC, allowing you to spot and correct issues early in the process.
Decrease TCO
Because we build, maintain, and manage the test factory and take full responsibility for end-to-end testing services!

You Can Literally Do “All” Types Of Testing

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TestOS helped us accelerate our remote first approach and helped our teams work from anywhere globally. Thank you, TestGrid. You've helped us accelerate our development efforts by 2x, easy.

Arijit M, Gas & Electric Read the Success Story

This is codeless done right. Truly an unfair advantage for our dev team - cuts the testing cycle by a huge amount. No trade-offs on customization, achieves 100% coverage on mobile and web.

Chris T, Clothing giant. Read the Success Story
Believe it or not, TestOS IoT testing can make it significantly easier to get complete testing done within just a few weeks, even with a couple of members involved in a project. Furthermore, you and your team will be able to scale up your software testing game and reduce up to 60% of regression test efforts while remotely executing device testing across the globe. Too Good To Be True, Right? Why Don’t You

Key Features Of TestOS

That you will ‘NOT’ find in any other tool. Guaranteed.
Available for Mobile and Web Testing
Can be Hosted On Premise or Cloud
Reuse Test Case as Test Function