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The Gaming industry has gained a lot of popularity in recent times and has switched to the mainstream from the focused market. It deals with the development, marketing, and monetization of distinct games. These gaming applications are under stress most of the time resulting in:

  • Bad app performance like slow app functioning or crashing, localized bugs error, interface issues, etc negatively affect customer experience and literally damage brand loyalty.

  • Security glitches during transactions, the revelation of personal information, or applications not engaging, leading to less traffic, unhappy customers, heavy loss in revenue.

You need to find the bugs and resolve them to give a superlative gaming experience!

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Here’s Everything about

Gaming, You Can Test With TestOS

IoT Device
Applications Streaming Website / Gaming Web Apps Mobile apps Playstation IoT Sensors/Devices
Services Cloud Native, Microservices, React, ASP, etc. Native, Cross-platform, Hybrid, PWA, React Native, Xamarin, etc. POS Devices, Scanners, Kiosks, etc. Sensors, Beacons, IoT Hubs/Devices, etc.
Manual Testing Virtual browsers, Servers. Browserstack, Saucelabs, etc. Real devices, Mobile Cloud, Simulators, etc. Amazon device farm, Perfecto, etc. Real Devices Real Devices, IoT simulators, etc.
Automation Test case writing, Test data management, BDD, TDD, etc. Selenium, Robot, Cypress, etc. Test case writing, Test data management, BDD, TDD, etc. Appium, XCUITest, Espresso OCR Tech, custom implementations, etc. Custom implementations.
NFT Performance Testing, Single User Metrics, Load Testing, Stress Testing, etc. Jmeter, LoadRunner etc. Performance Testing, Single User Metrics, Load Testing, Stress Testing, etc. Instruments, Android Studio Profiler, etc. Single User Metrics, Stress Testing, etc. Custom development. Custom Development.
API Testing REST, SOAP, etc. PostMan, Newman, MITM, etc. REST, SOAP, etc. PostMan, Newman, MITM, etc. REST, SOAP, etc. PostMan, Newman, MITM, etc. REST, SOAP, etc. PostMan, Newman, MITM, etc.

How Can TestGrid Help You Give ‘The Right Experience’ To All Your Gaming Customers?

In the year 2020, the gaming industry generated a revenue of $155 billion. It is reported that by 2025 the Gaming industry will generate a revenue of more than $260 billion. And all these are possible because of the robust gaming applications and content. However, it is very difficult to maintain the functionality and authenticity of the Gaming platform all the time.

Enhancing the gaming application requires a lot of effort. It has to be innovative, engaging, and player-centric which requires regular bug tracking, upgrades, and automation testings. So, here we are, we have designed the TestGrid software testing tool, especially for you, to offer flawless entertainment experiences to all your customers - every time by ensuring the Software Experience meets the industry standards and has minimal bugs.

TestGrid has literally integrated almost all the tools in one platform with complete automation, so you don’t need to code, waste time, and high pro software testers. With TestGrid in your toolkit, you can find every single bug in your web+mobile software just within a few days…


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Key Features Of TestOS

That you will ‘NOT’ find in any other tool. Guaranteed!

Cloud Infrastructure

Browser and Mobile devices cloud for scalability. Remote access for manual and automation testing.

AI + No-code Automation

Automate test cases using simple key words and use our AI to auto heal and access the Code.

On-Prem Support

Install TestOS on your premise. Bring your own hardware or we can ship our hardware.

API Testing

Web based full scale API testing. Now you don’t need tools like Postman.

Performance Testing

Rich Insights for UI, Device and API performance with Benchmarking. Ditch the need of third party tools.


Auto generates SAST report on every build execution. Supports DAST reports as well.

Robotic Test Automation

Robotic Arms built on open source components that help automate POS devices, OTT devices. etc.

IoT Automation

Script less automation testing for voice enabled devices like Alexa, Google Home etc.

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