About Us

TestGrid offers Large-Scale Enterprises and Major Businesses a very simple and reliable End-to-End Mobile App Automated Testing Platform enabling quality assurance engineers, project managers, developers, and testers to collaborate more efficiently during the entire App Development lifecycle.

The TestGrid cloud platform, which is available globally from multiple data centers, is comprised of a set of proprietary software running on private servers connected to hundreds of real devices (iOS and Android) covering the majority of form factors together with all popular versions of operating systems.

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TestGrid, Inc. Office Location in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta Tech Village, considered to be one of the largest Tech Centers in the U.S. and recently ranked 4th place in the nation.

TestGrid has already deployed Automated Testing Clouds in two locations: Atlanta, Georgia USA and Mumbai, India; in addition to the new cloud being installed and configured in Dallas, Texas USA. Subsequent Testing Clouds will be deployed in strategic co-location facilities worldwide to serve both U.S. and International customers. This will ensure the provision of a High Availability Service Network, configured with load balancing and mirroring so that developers can enjoy close proximity access to the 24/7 on-demand service and receive their reporting in a timely fashion.

By utilizing the TestGrid platform, customers will not only accelerate their turn-around time for App deployments and/or updates, but will also tremendously cut down their costs on App development and App testing.

TestGrid is the only Truly Robust platform that is built with proprietary software technologies designed with every team member in mind: from the head of engineering to the app tester.

Below is a sample of critical tools to be used in conjunction with the creation and deployment of Enterprise-Grade Solid Apps. These tools are all part of TestGrid's Mobile App Automated Testing software suite referred to as TG-Octopus (or TestGrid Octopus) which manages both the software tools and the hardware server infrastructure as well as the sets of test devices.