TestCase Management Suite from TestOS - the No.1 Testing Tool


  • Script less built on open source
  • Multi platform code generation
  • Full access to code generated
  • Data driven testing
  • Allows integration and conversion of existing scripts
  • Re-usable Resources and Functions
  • Test Automation + DevSecOps
  • Parallel execution across web, phone & tablets
  • Integration with Personal Assistants
  • IoT Readiness


  • 90% faster than traditional element extraction solutions
  • 70% faster than traditional automation process
  • Near zero test case flakiness
  • Effective BA-QA interaction
  • Increased reusability and reduced maintenance effort.
  • Simplification in creating end-to-end automated scripts
  • Easy configuration of test data.
  • Uninterrupted batch execution of scripts
  • Parallel execution of Scripts