Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to know any programming languages to use TestGrid? arrow

Nope. Anyone in the team can use it. You can simply write your test cases in a BDD format and we convert it to an automation code for you.

Do you support hybrid apps? arrow


What platforms are supported? arrow

  • Android
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)

What tools do I have to use to add Elements to TG Testcase Writer? arrow

  • TG Element Extractor - this is our browser extension that grabs all the elements from the App on click of a button.
  • Android UIAutomator viewer
  • Appium Inspector
  • XCTest Accessibility Inspector

Do we have to set specific provisions to the iOS devices using developer profiles? arrow

No. You just give your .ipa file and we will repackage it to the proper provision for our devices.

What if we have a corporate firewall? arrow

You can use our on-prem enterprise solution.

How many test cases can be written? arrow

800 plus.

How do I access these devices? arrow

We have a cloud based web portal.

Do you need access to my source code? arrow

No, we only need your .apk or .ipa (binary files) no source code needed.

Do you run SSLs? arrow

Yes, both http and https plus JSON response data.


Do you use real devices or simulators? arrow

We only use real devices and we do not recommend simulators for automation.

Do you have a list of top devices that you would recommend as per the market coverage? arrow

Click here First 25 devices covers 80% of the market.

Do you have shared devices or dedicated? arrow

  • We have both dedicated and shared devices
  • For corporations we recommend dedicated devices
    • Private/dedicated devices, hosted by TestGrid
    • Or on-prem device grid

What is the earliest OS version you support? arrow


Supported Tools:

Do you integrate with Jenkins? arrow

Yes, we are API first. We have a plugin for Jenkins.

Do you plug into FastLane? arrow


What automation execution platforms do you support for Android? arrow

  • TG TestCase Writer
  • Appium
  • Espresso

What automation execution platforms do you support for iOS? arrow

  • TG TestCase Writer
  • Instruments
  • XCTest
  • Appium

Do you do any data validation assertions? arrow

Yes, we call them deeper assertions. We compare the network calls (API calls) made by the device to the data that’s shown on the app.

What type of test can a QA Engineering execute with Test Grid? arrow

  • Functional Tests
  • Performance Testing (Device level, Application level metrics)
  • User Acceptance Tests
  • UI Tests
  • Integrated tests (UI tests with API's data)
  • Multi Devices Testing (Execution in Parallel)
  • Translations/Globalization Testing
  • System level Testing

How long do you store the reports for? arrow

Typically we archive your data every quarter and send it to you. Special cases? Talk to us.

When I'm working on a specific feature of my app I'd like to be able to bypass the login screens and setup, how do I do this? arrow

Using the Test Function feature you are able import steps to bypass multiple screens.

Do you have to write separate test cases for Android and iOS? arrow

Yes, the steps will be the same but the resources will be different from iOS and Android.

Can you test on any type of ad? arrow

Yes, everything is supported. The data provided from the tests can get super detailed, even showing the width/height of the ad.

Can you run a test where one device is creating a call, and the other is receiving? arrow

Yes, we can run simultaneous testing.

Advantages of TestGrid:

Overhead Reduction:

Can we upload automated test from other testing tools? arrow

Yes, you can upload existing automated tests of Appium, and XCTest solutions onto the TestGrid platform.
For more information, please share your test code with us and we will be happy to give a demo running on our platforms. Even if you share the manual tests, we can automate them quicker with our "Automated Test Case Writing" tool.

How have some of your clients used Test Grid as a collaboration tool to support Agile development? arrow

  • Some clients integrate our test execution platform with Jenkins (Continuous Integration tool) and currently they use it to:
    • Report daily test impact analysis for their standup meetings
    • Scheduling daily test runs for the latest code check-ins
    • Report defects logs for "today's" tasks with consistent repro's (screenshots, api logs,..)
    • "Customer Journeys" use cases network, data, device level metrics (to safeguard the Application overall metrics)
Advance Reporting:

What reporting does TestGrid provide? arrow

  • Currently, we use the "TestGrid Control Panel" to demonstrate:
    • Test Execution results over 1 day, 7 days, and 14 days
    • Test Failures Summary over a period
    • Test Results Trends (for any flagship application) pass trends, failure trends
    • Test Automation Reliability Score (Legit Failures vs Automation Code Issues)
    • App Insights: Insightful Trends, and Graphs over several metrics
      • Launch time, Number of Domain Calls, Total Response/Data Size, Total Requests Data Size, Application Size - build over build
      • Delta report for every test case that compares the last successful build
      • Customizable dashboard with Insights like battery usage, CPU usage, Threads etc.
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